Obama’s DHS Chief: Abolishing ICE is not a serious policy proposal

Jeh Johnson, Obama’s head of the DHS expressed his opinion on abolishing ICE and it won’t make liberals happy. Johnson said the very idea of abolishing ICE is senseless because it would leave Americans much less safe. He said it would compromise public safety.

Johnson wrote an Op-Ed for the WaPo titled: “Abolishing ICE is not a serious policy proposal,”

In the article Johnson said:

“Obviously, that would have completely compromised national security.  Would compromise public safety” as well.”

“Calls to abolish ICE only serve to sow even greater division in the American public and in its political leadership, damaging any remaining prospect of bipartisan immigration reform.” 

“This is one of the things Americans hate about Washington — that politics has become the end, not the means. Most Americans — whether in Laredo, Tex., or Queens, N.Y. — do not embrace the emotional and absolutist views of immigration on the extreme right or on the extreme left. They simply want to secure the country’s borders, to eliminate the inefficiencies in the system and to treat fairly the undocumented people who were brought here as children and have committed no serious crimes.”

What do you think?

From Washington Examiner:

Although Johnson had previously condemned the Trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy that led to an influx in family separation, he says he is now writing to “oppose calls to abolish ICE.”

Instead of calling for the abolition of a whole agency, Johnson says people should demand a change in policies or leadership. He said calling for the end of ICE, as opposed to simply calling for the end of family separations, would be Vietnam War protesters trying to abolish the whole Defense Department in light of the controversial war.

“[T]he outright abolition of ICE would compromise public safety,” Johnson wrote. “ICE is a law-enforcement agency.”

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