Obama Officials Admit Tubman Bill Was Never Going to Be Ready in 2020

Two Obama officials have admitted that the Harriet Tubman twenty dollar bill was never going to be ready by 2020 like Obama claimed.

Two of his own officials admitted this week that 2020 was unrealistic after an Obama era memo was discovered claiming the bill would not be ready until 2030 just as President Trump said. Democrats and the media (That was redundant wasn’t it?) have been accusing the president of delaying the bill because he is a racist, but the real reason is the amount of time it takes to design the bill to be counterfeit-proof.

Trump was never involved in the decision.

From The Western Journal

On Sunday, The New York Times tweeted an article detailing the progression of Harriet Tubman appearing on the $20 bill, saying the “Trump administration recently delayed its release.”

However, that’s simply not the truth.

According to the Washington Post, former Obama administration officials said that there is no actual “delay” and claimed the publicized timeline for the Tubman bill’s anticipated 2020 release was not realistic.

“A confidential 2013 report by the Advanced Counterfeit Deterrence committee, an interagency group that oversees the redesign of U.S. currency, said the $20 bill would not enter circulation until 2030, similar to the timeline announced by the Trump administration,” the Washington Post reported.

That revelation was provided by Larry R. Felix and Leonard R. Olijar, the previous and current directors of the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, respectively.

Former BEP director Felix told the Post that the public promises of a Tubman bill launch in 2020 “were not grounded in reality. The U.S. had not at the time acquired the security features to redesign and protect the notes.”