NYT Blames Trump for Their Own Anti-Semitic Cartoon

The New York Times has become a cartoon themselves. Now, they are blaming President Trump for their posting of a very anti-Semitic cartoon. They say it’s his fault for allowing anti-Semitism to increase in the United States, but he can’t help it.

He can’t force House and Senate Democrats from pushing an anti-Israeli sentiment because of the separation of powers. After all, who is supporting the BDS movement in the United States? Democrats. Who is posting anti-Israel tropes? Democrats. Who is defending Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib for their anti-Semitic statements? Democrats.

And of course, who is responsible for posting the offensive cartoon? The Democrats at the NYT.

From The Daily Caller 

After acknowledging the paper published a “bigoted” and “appalling” anti-Semitic cartoon in the headline and opening sentences of the editorial, the board quickly shifts to lecturing readers about the “insidious” nature of anti-Semitism and the particular danger of anti-Semitic imagery in this political moment.

The rest of the editorial amounts to one excuse: the paper published an anti-Semitic cartoon because of a larger context of hate fostered by Trump, not because of its own failure to vet the content that hits its pages. (RELATED: Cartoonist Defends Anti-Semitic New York Times Cartoon)

“The cartoon was chosen from a syndication service by a production editor who did not recognize its anti-Semitism,” the board writes. “Yet, however it came to be published, the appearance of such an obviously bigoted cartoon in a mainstream publication is evidence of a profound danger — not only of anti-Semitism but of numbness to its creep, to the insidious way this ancient, enduring prejudice is once again working itself into public view and common conversation.”


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