NY Dad Calls Out School System For ‘Failing Those Kids’

One father out in upstate New York has recently gone viral this past week in the wake of posting a series of photos of the sad state of the school lunches that his high school-age kids were being served.

In a Facebook post that has now been deleted, Christopher Vangellow, a Potsdam, New York, father of four, posted a photo of a lunch that was served to his 16-year-old son from the cafeteria of his school in the Parishville-Hopkinton Central School District. The lunch itself was made up of four small chicken strips, a scant few baby carrots, a small portion of plain white rice, and a carton of chocolate milk, all served with a small cup of barbecue sauce and two ketchup packets.

“I think the Parishville School Lunches might be a bit lacking … (E)ven for a kid that isn’t 6’5 like Ash. If this was a game day I don’t think any of the team would be getting enough energy from something like this,” stated Vangellow. He then went on to say that one of his other children had told him that he did not even have the option to get any of the “dry tasteless carrots” at all. The other kids also turned down their side of rice.

“They have been complaining that since the lunches are now free for everyone, the portions have dropped,” stated Vangellow.

Vangellow also made attempts to defend himself from the instantly flung criticism that any dissatisfied parents should just give their kids food from home or send them with money to get better food. “Don’t come at me with the ‘you get what you pay for’ or ‘just send them with food’ crap either,” he exclaimed. “Yeah we can do that and sometimes the kids do choose to bring something from home or will buy extra lunch to get more in them to get them through a day. The problem is that not all families can do that.”

“We don’t live in a very rich area. Some kids may not get much or anything when at home and this is what they have to survive on. [They] rely on the meals that the school provides. This is what they get though. In my opinion, this is failing those kids.”

More pictures of the horrid lunches were given by Vangellow over to the Daily Caller and show quite a few other instances of the extremely small portions being given to the kids in the school district: tiny portions of macaroni and cheese or popcorn chicken, or what the system is calling a slice of pizza, all with a single small breadstick and two or three orange slices or a tiny fruit cup.

Dr. William E. Collins, the Parishville-Hopkinton Central Superintendent, put forth a statement posted on the school district’s website attempting to refute the father.

“This week a concerned parent’s Facebook post about Parishville-Hopkinton school lunches went viral. The concerns expressed clearly resonated with students and parents as evidenced by the number of comments and shares,” stated Collins. “In fairness to the cafeteria, students are allowed one more serving of fruits or vegetables and one additional nugget than appeared in the photograph; however, this doesn’t alter the message that many students and parents are dissatisfied with school lunches.”

Collins went on to state that he would be setting up a group of students and parents, along with himself and the cafeteria manager of the school, in order to try and address all of the concerns surrounding the school meals “while still meeting the strict USDA requirements of the National School Lunch Program.”


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