Now Biden Calls For The Building Of A Wall… At His Private Home

It has come to light that the Bidens now have plans to build a series of new barriers around their personal house in Delaware as the country is experiencing record-breaking levels of illegal border crossings in the wake of the president canceling the construction of the border wall projects across the southern border.

This new report was first posted by the Delaware Cape Gazette this past week in regards to the issued variance request.

The variance request that came from First Lady Jill Biden “seeks variances from the maximum fence height requirement for proposed fences” and was scheduled for talks in front of the Sussex County Board of Adjustment on April 4.

A search of the website for the Sussex County government officially confirmed the variance request.

“Months ago, the Cape Gazette reported the Department of Homeland Security, with the Secret Service as the subagency, awarded a $455,000 contract to Rehoboth’s Turnstone Builders for ‘purchase and installation of security fencing at 32 Farview, Rehoboth Delaware,'” stated the Cape Gazette in its report.

The outlet went on to highlight that the house is “about a mile north Rehoboth Beach.”

“At the time, the expected completion date was by the end of 2021. To date, the fence has not been constructed, and a public notice published in the March 15 edition of the Gazette appears to explain why,” it continued, citing the still currently pending variance request.

The plans from the application included a 4-foot-tall stone wall across the front of his residence, along with “a 10-foot-tall fence with stone columns along the sides and a 10-foot-tall aluminum fence along the rear of the house,” concluded the report.

In stark contrast, Biden halted the construction of the wall that was planned along the nation’s southern border as the first thing he did after taking office. Well over two million illegal aliens were encountered along the southern border throughout 2021.

Going further, the deportations of illegal immigrants have fallen by around 90% since 2019 just after Old Uncle Joe took office, as stated in a report from the Center for Immigration Studies.

Based on information gathered via access from a Freedom of Information Act request, the report highlighted that the number of illegal immigrants deported from January 21 to July 9, 2021, was roughly 90% lower than the deportations from the same period in 2019, just prior to the pandemic.

This past December, Texas initiated its own border construction program, instated by Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

“Texas has officially started building its own border wall,” stated Abbott in a tweet.

“Biden allows open border policies and refuses to enforce laws passed by Congress to secure the border and enforce immigration laws,” continued the governor. “Texas is stepping up to do the federal government’s job.”

Back in May, the White House made sure to quietly halt the military’s role in the building of the border wall, outright canceling a series of contracts penned throughout the Trump administration which has left a series of holes in the border wall as the country is trying deal with the horrendous levels of illegal immigration across the southern border.




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