North Korea Returns Remains Of 55 US Warriors – Trump Administration To Media: “No Money Was Exchanged”

When President Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un met just last month in Singapore for their long-awaited summit the world watched and wondered what the end result would be. Many issues were discussed and promises were made. Now some of those very promises are being fulfilled. One, in particular, will have the American people and Korean War veterans in absolute tears.

The Gateway Pundit reported, “The North Koreans returned the human remains of 55 US Warriors to the United States on Friday. The Korean War “ended” 65 years ago. The UNC hosted an arrival ceremony for 55 cases of remains today from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at Osan Air Base in South Korea. The Trump administration thanked the North Korean regime and then added that “no money was exchanged” for the remains. A country is grateful. On January 17, 2016, a cargo plane with $400 million in foreign currencies was secretly sent to Iran in the d**d of night. This was the same day the Iranian regime released four American hostages held in Tehran. Barack Obama later told reporters this was not a ransom payment.”

PBS reported, “President Donald Trump thanked North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on Friday for “fulfilling a promise” to return the remains of U.S. soldiers missing from the Korean War, as a U.S. military plane made a rare trip into North Korea to retrieve 55 cases said to contain remains. Close to 7,700 U.S. soldiers remain unaccounted for from the 1950-53 Korean War, and about 5,300 of those were lost in North Korea. North Korea’s move signals a positive step in Trump’s diplomacy with Pyongyang, and may restart efforts to send U.S. teams into the country to search for additional war d**d.

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis cautioned that the transfer of remains “is separate” from what has so far been troubled efforts to negotiate the complete denuclearization of North Korea. But he said it was a step in the right direction following the Trump-Kim summit in Singapore. “This is obviously a gesture of carrying forward what they agreed to in Singapore and we take it as such,” Mattis told reporters Friday. “We also look at it as a first step of a restarted process. So we do want to explore additional efforts to bring others home.”