New York Times says Trump’s Border Reforms are Working

I have no idea who was holding a gun on them in order to get them to admit that Trump’s reforms for the border are working. In their article, they said that of the 6,000 who came in a caravan in November about 2,000 of them have given up and either took asylum in Mexico or went back home.

Returning asylum seekers back to Mexico to wait for the resolution of their cases has been another great idea, because normally they’d be released into the United States and disappear, knowing they aren’t eligible for asylum. But, the border is under attack by endless caravans and socialist Democrats.

From Breitbart News

One-third of the 6,000 migrants who reached the border just in the November caravan have given up their effort to cross the border, the Times says: “Data from Mexican officials suggested that harsh policies he has introduced to crack down on asylum seekers may already be achieving some of its intended effects.”

The article by the establishment outlet is important because it validates Trump’s analysis and proposed fixes for the growing problem of cheap-labor migration. For example, the article shows that Trump’s critics admit his policies are working: “It may look like it’s working in the short term,” Ms. [Michelle] Brané said, “But I don’t think it’s a long-term solution. It’s driving people further into the shadows and that’s exactly the opposite of what we [pro-migation groups] want.”

But Trump’s success is not enough to block all of the migrants. Their numbers are rising because U.S. employers will hire more illegal aliens in a good economy and also because many new migrants are hoping to follow the success of relatives and neighbors who got into the United States under the loose rules established by President Barack Obama.

The New York Times article admits that the migrants are not fleeing political or religious persecution but are seeking a decent life or temporary jobs, as Trump’ deputies repeatedly spotlight. Neither of those goals meets the legal test for getting asylum, especially by migrants who already can apply for asylum and jobs in Mexico.