New York Starts To Toss The Homeless Back Out

A group of homeless New Yorkers almost 8,000 strong are being kicked out of the hotels around New York City and being forced back into homeless shelters this past week. This ends their multi-month-long stint at high-end housing due to the pandemic.

These homeless extended-stay guests will be forced out of the 60 hotels spread all across the city by the end of July, announced Bill de Blasio, New York City Mayor, earlier this month.

“It is time to move homeless folks who were in hotels for a temporary period of time back to shelters, where they can get the support they need,”: stated the mayor as part of his daily press conference on June 16th.

“In shelters is where we can provide support, a variety of services, and that pathway out of shelter and into a better life,” continued de Blasio.

The entire process of tossing the homeless residents back out started this past week. A hotel that took on more than 200 of these homeless residents a year ago, The Lucerne, has already tossed out 68 men who had been living there.

The Lucerne, which is a high-end hotel located on the Upper West Side, has been stuck in a legal battle concerning the long-term presence of the homeless residents, quite a few of which suffer from some form of mental illness or substance abuse issues.

the residents of the surrounding neighborhood have issued complaints that the homeless men had taken part in unacceptable behavior including urinating in public and open drug use.

Seemingly in protest, “Housing is a human right” had been written outside the front doors of the Lucerne in chalk during the move-out event that took place this past Monday.

The public program that sought to move the homeless people into these hotels, which was put in place in July of last year, has served almost 9,000 residents, but will be entirely phased out with the end of the lockdown due to coronavirus infection numbers falling along with the number of vaccinated citizens are up in the city.

The announcement, from DeBlasio, went public just a day after Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a statement that New York was starting to lift its coronavirus restrictions, almost in their entirety, due to the fact that almost 70 percent of adult New Yorkers had received at least their first vaccine dose.

“Everything is ready to go,” stated the mayor. “All of our planning is in place. We know exactly which shelters we’re going to be bringing people back to, they are being prepared.”

The large masses of homeless New Yorkers will be thrown back into the streets as the city endures a worrying spike in crime. While a good portion of these homeless is not dangerous at all, quite a few recent violent incidents have brought to light some safety concerns.


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