New Pro-Life Bill Would Place Further Restriction On Abortion In Indiana

This past Wednesday, Republican Indiana Rep. Jim Banks recently brought forth a piece of legislation that would set in place a ban on the disposal of fetal remains into public waterways.

“Tossing unborn remains in to our water systems is barbaric, and if the American public knew about it they would be disgusted and horrified,” exclaimed Banks in a recent release.

“This brutal reality is made possible by even more brutal abortion laws,” he continued. “If Congressional Democrats get their way and legalize abortion till the moment of birth, nationwide, this far too common practice would become even more widespread.”

This new bill, titled The Dignity for Fetal Remains Act of 2022, would outright ban all abortion providers from placing embryos, medical waste, or fetal remains in any way associated with abortions ( such as surgical equipment) into any kind of device that could possibly connect to a public waterway (such as a sink, disposal, or toilet).

Banks labeled the new piece of legislation as entirely “commonsense,” stating it would “restore a small piece of dignity to the victims of abortion.”

“For many years we have documented reports from across the country about the atrocious ways abortionists dispose of the bodies of unborn babies,” stated the founder of Reprotection, Inc., Cathie Humbarger, this past Wednesday. “I am grateful to Congressman Banks for filing legislation today that will stop these practices.”

“We grieve the loss of these children and the emotional and physical trauma their mothers often experience after their abortion,” she went on. “Until we can prevent these deaths, we must treat their bodies with respect just as we do the deceased bodies of every other human.”

As part of a press release announcing the Dignity for Fetal Remains Act, Banks’ office highlighted a report from the pro-life organization Live Action that many abortion providers were on record admitting that “many” of the abortion facilities around the Detroit, Michigan, area quite frequently resorted to flushing baby body parts into garbage disposals or out into the sewer system.

As stated by the pro-life Charlotte Lozier Institute, many violations of fetal disposition laws have been uncovered across quite a few states such as Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, and Utah.

These particular violations include the sending of baby body parts into sanitary sewers, failing to disinfect containers, disposing of fetal remains into a solid waste landfill, or storing them in refrigerators.

“Due to the variability and archaic status of some state laws,” stated a report from the Lozier Institute, “numerous fetal disposition methods have been employed as legal solutions by abortion facilities and waste disposal companies, including flushing fetal body parts through the garbage disposal leading into the sewer system; dumping fetal remains into an auger along with medical waste and grinding them together, and having the fetal remains transported across state lines to another state’s dumpsters.”

“Stericycle, the largest known waste disposal company willing to transport and dispose of the remains of human fetal parts after abortion, has been found by at least two state departments to be in violation of state regulations specifically governing fetal disposition,” continues the report.

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