New Poll Shows AOC Could be Tending Bar Again in 2021

There has been some polling in AOC’s 14th District of New York and let’s just say her reelection is anything but assured. The polling was done in conjunction with The Stop The AOC PAC.

Although her constituents are for the Green New Deal and Medicare for all, they are extremely angry about her successful efforts to kill a deal with Amazon that would have brought 25,000 high paying jobs and over 34 billion in taxes and increased business activity.

Only 9% of her constituents agreed with her opposition to the Amazon deal, while 36% opposed her stance and another 55% were unsure. 20% approve of the job she is doing and 44% have an unfavorable opinion o9f her.

From The Conservative Tribune

The Stop The AOC PAC recently surveyed residents in New York’s 14th Congressional District, which Ocasio-Cortez represents, about their congresswoman.

“My family came from Russia when I was a baby, and I grew up hearing what they went through. And I have a strong dislike for that ideology,” the PAC’s founder, Dan Backer, told The Daily Caller, explaining why he believes it’s so important to fight Ocasio-Cortez’s policies.

“‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing,’” Backer said, quoting a line from former President Reagan, though 18th century statesman Edmund Burke was the first to use it. “Someone had to stand up and do something. If we don’t challenge socialism, we let it win,” Backer added.

And Stop The AOC PAC’s canvassing data suggests that only 9 percent of voters agree with Ocasio-Cortez’s position on Amazon.

Another 36 percent support Amazon, while 55 percent of respondents said they were “unsure.”

Moreover, only 20 percent of respondents said they hold a favorable opinion of their democratic socialist congresswoman, compared to 44 percent of voters who have an unfavorable opinion of her.

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