New Memo: Dem’s Server Disappeared After it was Declared Evidence

I was in a real bind. I had a couch that needed to be taken to the dump and I had no one with a truck to help me. Movers wanted a fortune to take it. Whatever was I to do?

Then inspiration hit me. I called a Russian friend of mine and told him I had a couch full of proof that the DNC and liberal politicians committed a variety of crimes. The next day I came home from picking up a loaf of bread and the couch was gone.

Now, a memo has turned up that is marked “Urgent”. Congress’s top law enforcement official, Sergeant-at-Arms Paul Irving, along with Chief Administrative Officer Phil Kiko, wrote:

“We have concluded that the employees [Democratic systems administrator Imran Awan and his family] are an ongoing and serious risk to the House of Representatives, possibly threatening the integrity of our information systems and thereby members’ capacity to serve constituents.”

From The Daily Caller

The memo, addressed to the Committee on House Administration (CHA) and dated Feb. 3, 2017, was recently reviewed and transcribed by The Daily Caller News Foundation. The letter bolsters TheDCNF’s previous reporting about the missing server and evidence of fraudon Capitol Hill.

It details how the caucus server, run by then-caucus Chairman Rep. Xavier Becerra, was secretly copied by authorities after the House Inspector General (IG) identified suspicious activity on it, but the Awans’ physical access was not blocked.

But after, the report reads, the server appears to have been secretly replaced with one that looked similar.

This all fits a pattern. Lois Lerner’s emails disappeared after being subpoenaed. Thety later found them but IRS chief John Koskinen had them destroyed. Hillary’s emails were deleted. Peter Strzok snd Lisa Page’s texts go missing in a glitch that ended on the day Mueller was appointed as Grand Inquisitor. Emails of FBI and DOJ officials are missing as well as the Democratic caucus’ server. And Mueller is investigating President Trump for obstruction of justice?

Here is the timeline:

• In September of 2016 … the CHA and [IG] briefed the former Chairman of the Democratic Caucus about suspicious activity related to their server that the [IG] identified. As a result, the former Chairman of the Democratic Caucus directed the CAO to copy the data from their server and two computers.

• The CHA directed the IG to refer the matter to the US Capitol Police. The USCP initiated an investigation that continues to this day.

• In late 2016, the former Chairman of the Democratic Caucus announced his intention to resign from Congress to assume a new position. The CAO and [sergeant-at-arms] worked with the Chairman to account for his inventory, including the one server.

• While reviewing the inventory, the CAO discovered that the serial number of the server did not match that of the one imaged in September. [Investigators] also discovered that the server in question [the replacement server] was still operating under the employee’s control, contrary to the explicit instructions of the former chairman to turn over all equipment and fully cooperate with the inquiry and investigation. [A House source said the “employee” was Abid Awan.]

• The USCP interviewed relevant staff regarding the missing server.

• On January 24, 2017, the CAO acquired the [replacement] server from the control of the employees and transferred that server to the USCP.

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