New Jersey Plans To Make All Abortion Legal

Recently, the legislature of New Jersey approved, to a staggering degree, a bill that put in place a fundamental “right” to abortion.

The “Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act,” made it through the General Assembly of New Jersey by a staggering vote of 46 to 22, and scooted through the New Jersey Senate by a vote of 23 to 15. The new act codifies “the constitutional right, which has been recognized by the New Jersey Supreme Court, to freedom of reproductive choice, including the right to access contraception, to terminate a pregnancy, and to carry a pregnancy to term.” Because of this, it negates “any law, rule, regulation, ordinance, or order that has the effect of abridging the constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice.”

“A bill to codify a woman’s right to choose into state law and expand access to reproductive health care for all just passed both houses of the Legislature,” stated Gov. Phil Murphy (D-NJ) in a tweet. “I will sign this bill into law this week. With Roe v. Wade under attack, the need for this bill is more urgent than ever.”

The legislation also allowed the Department of Banking and Insurance for the state the option to study the need for regulations that make it a requirement for health coverage plans to cover all abortions. This new law, however, allowed exemptions for religious employers.

Many more progressive institutions, such as the New Jersey branch of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), heralded the bill by linking its passage to the fighting of supposed “white supremacy.”

“To meaningfully protect the right to abortion and ensure equitable access, we must go beyond the status quo and guarantee that abortion is affordable for all New Jerseyans, regardless of insurance access, immigration status, or income,” stated Sarah Fajardo, the ACLU-NJ policy director. “Without addressing the systemic barriers rooted in white supremacy and xenophobia that keep essential health care out of reach for so many, the right to an abortion remains one that many New Jerseyans struggle to access.”

The success of this groundbreaking bill seems to be in line with Old Uncle Joe’s call to codify Roe v. Wade, the famous 1973 Supreme Court case that claimed that abortion is protected as part of the Consitution, as law. Despite this, the legislature also happens during a growing movement of certain Christians that are willing to go against Roe v. Wade and try to abolish abortion.

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