New Documentary Shreds Mueller’s Credibility and Reputation [VIDEO]

InfoWars has produced a documentary starring Robert Barnes, the lawyer who took the Covington Catholic boys case pro bono. It details all of the dirty dealings and cover ups, Mueller has been involved with over the years and it takes a half an hour to list them all.

The media and Democrats would love for everyone to think Mueller is a boy scout, but by the end of the video, it’s doubtful you would agree. He even delivered a sample of Uranium One uranium to the Russians at the airport.

You will be left wondering why anyone would pick him to investigate Trump, but this is exactly the reason he was chosen.

From The Gateway Pundit

The head of the Special Counsel for which President Trump is under investigation for ties with Russia, Robert Mueller, has a storied past. A review of his actions over the past couple decades shows a man at the center of cover-ups, crimes and runaway investigations.

InfoWars came out with an excellent documentary on the corrupt current head of the Mueller investigation, Robert Mueller. This 30 minute video shows that Mueller is not the boy scout that the mainstream media would like Americans to believe. He is at the center of numerous criminal actions and cover-ups. Watch and see for yourself.

We now have in this country what is a runaway investigation. It’s spinning out of control. It’s led by Mueller and his merry band of Trump hating, Deep State, sycophants!

The documentary is narrated by Robert Barnes from Barnes Law.

We have been writing about Mueller and his band of conflicted Democrats running the corrupt and criminal Mueller investigation for two years now.

We’ve written a number of posts about the Mueller team and how it is corrupt.  Here is a sampling starting with a post on the corrupt team that Mueller put together to run his coup.

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