New Abortion Ban Bill Manages To Slide Through Oklahoma House of Representatives

This past Tuesday, a bill managed to skate through the House of Representatives of Oklahoma that seeks to ban almost all abortions from the entire state. If it manages to get signed into law it would be the most stringent pro-life law in the entire country.

The law in question, known as HB4327, would make it illegal for doctors in the state to perform any abortions except in the specific case of the mother’s life being at risk. It also allows private citizens to sue the doctor directly, or others in the state, in violation of the law for up to an amount of $10,000.

This bill is slated to move into the Senate of the state where it will most likely be passed as there is currently a GOP-led majority. The governor has not made any comments as of yet as to if he plans to sign the bill into law or not. If signed, the bill will be set to go into effect on the first of November at the earliest.

This newly put forth law would go even further than the one set in place in Texas and take the title of the most strict abortion law in the country, banning almost all abortions after the point of conception instead of at the detection of a fetal heartbeat. Back in 2021, the new legal action in Texas placed a ban on all abortions in the wake of the detection of a fetal heartbeat, which is normally at the six-week mark of pregnancy.

The Supreme Court made a ruling that allowed Texas to maintain its law, which has led many other Republican-led states to start the process of setting up the same legislation in their states.

“House Bill 4327 does not end abortion, but it will induce compliance because no abortion provider will violate it and risk a lawsuit,” stated the sponsor of the bill, Republican Rep. Wendi Stearman, as reported by The Oklahoman.

“The legislation also includes an exception for women who seek an abortion due to rape, sexual assault or incest so long as the crime has been reported to law enforcement,” highlighted the report.

Oklahoma is part of a group of several GOP majority states that are seeking to acquire new abortion restrictions this year.

A group of Tennessee Republican lawmakers put forth a new abortion restriction law this past week that was modeled directly after its Texas counterpart.

Tennessee has previously already had quite strict pro-life laws in the nation. The new bill would place a stronger limit on abortions, and allow its private citizens to have the power to file civil sits against anyone who performs an abortion.

“This bill is modeled directly after the legislation passed in Texas last year. Abortions since that bill has been passed have dropped 60% in Texas,” stated the bill’s sponsor, Republican Rep. Rebecca Alexander, to a House subcommittee

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