NATO Makes Preparations For Possible Response To Russian Invasion

Jens Stoltenberg, the NATO Secretary-General, issued a statement on Tuesday that the group is preparing significant measures to ready military forces to counter Russian aggression across the region as Russia takes steps to invade the separatist areas of Ukraine.

“We condemn Moscow’s decision to recognize the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic,” stated Stoltenberg. “We also condemn the further Russian incursion into Ukraine. Moscow has now moved from covert attempts to destabilize Ukraine, to overt military action. This is a serious escalation by Russia. And a flagrant violation of international law.”

Stoltenberg stated that the actions from Russia have “grave consequences for European security” and that NATO would still issue “strong political support” and military equipment to assist Ukraine in defending itself.

“In the last weeks, Allies have deployed thousands of more troops to eastern part of the Alliance and placed more on standby,” he stated. “We have over 100 jets at high alert. And there are more than 120 Allied ships at the sea, from the High North to the Mediterranean.”

Stoltenberg stated that NATO officials would do “whatever is necessary to shield” all of its member countries, which currently does not include Ukraine, from all Russian aggression.

“This is the most dangerous moment in European security for a generation,” he concluded. “But Europe and North America continue to stand strong together in NATO, united and committed to defend and protect each other.”



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