MUST WATCH! Watchdog James O’Keefe NAILS Claire McCaskill BIG TIME!

James O’Keefe of Project Veritas has claimed another scalp. (He must be 1/1024th Native America, too) He sent his investigators to the Claire McCaskill campaign, where he proved that she is lying to the voters about what her agenda is.

O’Keefe got McCaskill to tell the truth on her gun policies on video, along with some of her staffers, admitting that she is a full blown gun grabber but that they have to hide that fact in trying to get reelected. She has adopted the same strategy on immigration. She pretends to want to secure the border when she is really open borders.

Senator McCaskill Talks Gun Bans on Tape

Senator McCaskill revealed her intention to vote on various gun control measures in undercover footage:

MCCASKILL: “Well if we elect enough Democrats we’ll get some gun safety stuff done. They won’t let us vote on it, we’ve got 60 votes for a number of measures that would help with gun safety, but McConnell won’t let ’em come to the floor.”

JOURNALIST: “Like bump stocks, ARs and high capacity mags…?”

MCCASKILL: “Universal background checks, all of that… But if we have the kind of year I think we might have I think we could actually be in a position to get votes on this stuff on the floor and we’d get 60 [votes]…”

JOURNALIST: “So you would be on board with the bump stocks and… high capacity mags.”

MCCASKILL: “Of course! Of course!”

Nicolas Starost, another individual who works on Senator McCaskill’s campaign explains why McCaskill doesn’t have Obama campaigning with her:

STAROST: “Because of how like, cause he’s a very liberal candidate. And like… Claire distancing herself from the party is gonna help her win more votes than it will saying like: “Oh here’s Obama, the former President of the United States, to now speak on my behalf.” Which is unfortunate because I love Obama to pieces, and I’d love to see him come here.”

JOURNALIST: “And they essentially have the same views on everything?”

STAROST: “Yeah. People just can’t know that.”

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