Muslim Activist Says Ilhan Omar is Disgraceful

Qanta Ahmed, who is a Muslim activist is not a fan of Ilhan Omar. In fact, she is just the opposite and she says Omar is disgraceful and she doesn’t seem to agree with her antisemitism and her anti America bias.

Ahmed penned a thoughtful Op-Ed piece for Fox News that did not hail Omar as hero, but rather as an undesirable. Ahmed is a doctor and a foreign relations activist saying:

“Omar continues to be an embarrassment and a disgrace for me and other American Muslims with her outrageous, ignorant, anti-Semitic and now anti-American comments.” 

From The Conservative Tribune

The respected activist called out her fellow Muslim not only for her ignorance, but also for her appalling attempt to downplay the September 11 terrorist attack and link to radical Islam.

“Omar’s grotesque trivialization of a national tragedy amounts to an explicit denial of 9/11 — a desecration of all the lives erased that awful day,” Ahmed blasted. “This denial is inexplicable unless she has strong and covert Islamist sympathies.”

She said that trivialization was particularly insulting to her as a medical doctor, who continues to see the real-world impact of that Islamic terrorist attack on the people of New York.

“I see the burden of Sept. 11 on a regular basis, treating brave and selfless first responders who still suffer from complex sleep disorders — including post-traumatic stress — that I specialize in treating,” Ahmed explained.

Ahmed continued:

“In her dismissal of Sept. 11, Omar callously erased the deep suffering of every survivor and family I attend, and everyone else still impacted by the terrorist attacks.”

“The greatest obscenity in the lie that Omar pedals is that she — along with millions of other Muslims in America — is somehow victimized. Do not believe this.”

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