Musk Slams Gamer Publication That Tries To Mock Him While He Calls Out Wokeism

This past Memorial Day weekend, Elon Musk issued strongly mocking statements at a gamer publication for attempting to troll him after the outlet hurled accusations at him of not giving them credit for what they claim as their exclusive content.

Hard Drive, the outlet in question, made the claims that Musk had cropped out the watermark on the image from one of their articles and posted it to social media.

“Well, if you make something that looks like a meme & someone (not me) crops off your name, so it goes,” Musk fired back. “Also, this is only a 6/10 meme, so maybe step down from that high horse! The selfless art of anonymous meme creators is something to be admired.”

Musk has since deleted the tweet that the publication started the entire altercation over.

The outlet went on to post a link to an article of theirs and pressed Musk to give them his opinion on the new story.

The new article from the outlet was titled, “Elon Musk Admits He Wants to Travel to Mars Because No One Hates Him There Yet”.

Musk retorted, “Less funny than SNL on a bad day. This could make a drunk person sober. Try harder!”

“The reason you’re not that funny is because you’re woke,” Musk went on to state seemingly making fun of the outlet. “Humor relies on an intuitive & often awkward truth being recognized by the audience, but wokism is a lie, which is why nobody laughs.”

Historically, Musk has made it a point to go on a warpath against wokeism for quite a few reasons, which includes the extremely negative impact that it has inflicted on the world of comedy.

Musk has previously set his crosshairs on The Onion while being interviewed last year for degrading down to being “really politically correct” and for choosing to not make any jokes at all that target “anything on the Left.”

“It used to be much more even-handed, The Onion, and then they just got the woke mind virus to the point where … it used to be very funny and then it was not that funny,” claimed Musk. “You know, SNL, I used to be a huge fan of SNL. … many, many, many, if not, most of the SNL episodes are kind of a moral lecture on why we’re bad human beings, instead of comedy. So, and again, won’t make fun of anything on the Left, really, like, you know, they’ll beat up on Ted Cruz 17,000 times and you’re like, ‘OK, we get it.’”

“So it’s, it’s just, there’re just a lot of no fly zones with a lot of comedy,” stated Musk. “And then you realize, it’s like, wait a second, is the comedy getting at an essential truth or trying — is there a propaganda element? Or is it trying to push you in a particular direction? Or getting to an essential truth that is humorous? And when it stops trying to get to an essential truth that is humorous, then, you know, it’s just not that funny.”


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