MSNBC Host Claims Sinema Is ‘Upholding White Supremacy’

Tiffany Cross, a host for MSNBC, has taken to slinging blame at Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for “upholding white supremacy” when, just this last week, Sinema stated that she would not be taking steps to support any rule changes for the Senate that would remove, or even weaken, the filibuster.

Cross led a panel-style talk on the push from the Democrats to try and strongarm to massive bills through that were aimed at entirely overhauling federal election processes, the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and their efforts to either discover a way around the use of a filibuster or a method to scrap the idea entirely in order to make the bill ram through without any Republican support at all.

In a question given to political commentator Angela Rye, Cross stated, “You know, this is an interesting challenge, Angela, because look, Sinema is a Democrat, but she is in many ways upholding white supremacy. You and I both know what the filibuster was originally used for.”

Cross then cut to a video clip of the floor speech put on by Sinema, in which she spoke about how that in the absence of the filibuster, and the accompanying 60-vote threshold that is required for any legislation to get around it, the necessity for debate and bipartisan cooperation would fall away to far more extreme policies being slung around by both sides of the aisle.

“I don’t think I can roll my eyes hard enough, and you kind of just want to say, ‘Girl, bye,’ but Angela, I’ll let you take it. What’s your thoughts on the senator’s position?” questioned Cross.

“You know, it’s rooted in falsehoods, right? Like this is, we’re talking about voting rights. We’re not talking even about abortion, which we all know has been historically divisive in this country,” answered Rye. “We also know is that voting rights has been supported on a bipartisan level in both chambers of Congress since 1965, when a Democrat signed the bill into law.”

“So what I would tell Senator Sinema is to please reflect on your history. Not a wobbly voice, not an emotional plea for people to remove or to not remove the filibuster when you just could cross that hurdle. Right now, I’m talking about this year, they could cross that hurdle,” stated Rye.

Rye then went on to state that it was not quite accurate to say that the current bills were “somehow a black Civil Rights bill,”  instead, the bills in question were created to make sure that the United States stays on the “road towards democracy.”

“I agree with Jesse Jackson Jr., who recently said we were moving towards democracy, and this is a way to ensure that we’re back on that right road,” she stated.

“It is a way to ensure we’re back on that right road, and in this case, she is a hurdle on that road,” concluded Cross.


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