MSNBC Guest Calls Pro-life Americans The Same As Suicide Bombers

The thought process of all pro-life advocates, who prayerfully offer compassion and assistance to women just outside of abortion facilities, is indistinguishable from the mindset of “a suicide bomber,” stated a guest while on MSNBC recently.

Both the militant jihadists and the sidewalk counselors seem to think that have “the moral duty to mess up somebody else’s life,” the guest stated on MSNBC’s “Politics Nation.”

Jill Colleen Jefferson, the guest in question, is a civil rights attorney and started the segment by stated that she opposed the lunching and taking of innocent black lives. The host of the show, Al Sharpton, then quickly shifted the topic of conversation over to abortion.

“As we talk about civil and human rights in Mississippi, I want to mention the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments about a currently blocked state law that would ban all abortions after 15 weeks,” stated Sharpton. “The heavily poor, young, and black women stand to lose access to the only abortion clinic in the state,” he said. “Sounds as much about civil rights as abortion rights to me.”

in response, Jefferson stated:

Yes, this is a matter of civil rights. Having the right to an abortion is a constitutional right; it’s grounded in the right to privacy that is within the Constitution. And I find it really interesting that part of this argument is an argument about, you know, “the right to an abortion is not explicitly listed in the Constitution.” But you know what? Neither is the right to bear arms. The way that we interpret that law is the interpretation of a constitutional provision, the Second Amendment .. yet we’re not applying that same logic to the situation. 

What it reminds me of, quite honestly, is a suicide bomber — someone who feels like they have the right and the moral duty to mess up somebody else’s life for the greater good.

As a result, members of the pro-life movement are livid, calling the comparison entirely outrageous.

“To compare pro-lifers, who compassionately work to save the lives of the unborn and their mothers, to maniacal suicide bombers who intentionally kill everyone around them shows she has no honest or thoughtful grasp on human rights,” the co-founder and chief creative officer of The Radiance Foundation, Ryan Bomberger, stated.

“You can’t fight the inhumanity of lynching while embracing the inhumanity of abortion. Sadly, this is exactly what civil rights attorney Jill Collen Jefferson does,” he went on.

Seemingly making matters worse, Jefferson “made those ignorant comments on the anniversary of Emmet Till’s lynching — an evil act carried out by those who had zero regard for his life because of his color,” he commented.

“In 2018-2019, there were more black lives” taken “by the (racist/eugenic) violence of abortion than were killed nationwide in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries by the violence of lynching,”  claimed the man.

A grand total of 117,626 black babies were aborted back in 2018, as reported by the CDC’s most recent abortion surveillance report.

Bomberger went on to add that Jefferson showed “a peculiar lack of knowledge of the actual constitutional ‘right to bear arms’ while defending the non-existent right to kill another human being (born or unborn).”

The Constitution’s protections concerning private gun ownership are far clearer than any alleged right to abortion. As stated by the Second Amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” The Supreme Court has since issued a statement that gave some clarification in its 2008 District of Columbia v. Heller decision, “There seems to us no doubt, on the basis of both text and history, that the Second Amendment conferred an individual right to keep and bear arms,” which is “unconnected with militia service.”

The right to abortion, however, was based upon the “right to privacy,” which the courts found out eight years earlier in Griswold v. Connecticut. In this case, the justices made the ruling that while the Constitution did not talk about the issue under consideration, “[t]he Bill of Rights have penumbras, formed by emanations from those guarantees that help give them life and substance.”

Jeffersons’s statements just seem to add her to an ever-growing list of leftists who have likened conservative Christian Americans to the Taliban recently.

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