Mexico Warns United States That Caravan is Now Using Molotov Cocktails

The Mexican government says that a group in Guatemala are building Molotov cocktails to use against their national police, blocking them from entering the country. They also say that some of the illegal aliens in the second caravan are carrying guns.

This does not sound like refugees to me. It sounds very much like they are invaders, bent on getting in by any means necessary. Mexico has asked the Guatemalan government for assistance, to shut down the manufacture of the explosive devices. There are currently four different caravans making their way to our border.

From Breitbart News

Due to the violent nature of the protest, authorities in both Mexico and Guatemala are working to identify the individuals who are believed behind the clashes and those preparing the improvised incendiary devices, said Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior Alfredo Navarrete Prida. The official also confirmed that in the most recent clash, some of the suspects carried firearms and Molotov cocktails.

The group in Guatemala is separate from the migrant caravan, which is currently in Mexico and is making its way to the United States. Mexico’s government asked the members of the northern caravan to follow immigration law so they could receive temporary employment, state-funded healthcare, and education. However, the group turned down the offers and is preparing to continue north. From that caravan, 422 migrants requested assistance from Mexican authorities to return home.

These violent thugs are exactly the reason we need to protect our borders. The president of the United States number priority is for the safety of our country and our citizens.