Mexican Authorities Stop Pepsi Truck With 228 Illegal Aliens Hiding in It

Police say video surveillance cameras at a Walgreen's at 1700 Rice St. in Maplewood showed a man who tried to steal a Pepsi-Cola delivery truck parked there Tuesday afternoon, July 23, 2013. The same man is suspected of stealing a school bus parked nearby at a gas station in St. Paul. Photo courtesy of the Maplewood Police Department.

Mexican authorities stopped a Pepsi truck in the state of Chiapas and found 228 illegal aliens being smuggled in from Central America, A second driver approached the police and offered them money if they would allow the truck to continue going north towards the US border.

Police took both men into custody. The illegals were given medical check-ups and food and then were turned over to immigration officials. Mexico has stepped up security measures after reaching a deal with President Trump to avoid crippling tariffs against Mexican products imported into the United States.

So far it seems to be working much better.

From Breitbart News

Two human smugglers were arrested and 228 Central American migrants were apprehended after a tractor-trailer traveling in the Southern Mexican state of Chiapas was stopped by federal and state police.

Federal and state police from the Secretaría de Seguridad y Protección (SSPC) halted a tractor-trailer with Pepsi logos traveling at kilometer 071 in Cintalapa early Monday morning. While conducting an inspection of the Kenworth trailer registered in Veracruz, 228 Central American migrants were discovered packed in the cargo area along with a load of soft drink products, according to local media reports.

While police were talking to the driver identified as Domingo “G.” from Chiapas, they were approached by a second smuggler who attempted to bribe the police with cash and a request to continue north. The second man was identified as Manuel “N.” also from Chiapas.

The 228 migrants, consisted of men, women, and children, were determined to be from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. They were all provided medical checks and first aid before being turned over to the custody of Mexican immigration authorities (INM).