Mexican Airlines Offers Flights Home For Illegals for Just One Dollar

Mexican airline Volaris has initiated a new program that will allow migrants from Salvador, Guatemala or Honduras to return home from Mexico for only one dollar.

That’s cheap at half the price and any immigrant that does not have a dollar should just ask the US for it. It would save us a lot of money. It would help ease the border crises. Many migrants would rather go home than live in a camp in Mexico while waiting for their court case to come up. Many illegals still have immediate family members in their home country they planned to send for later.

Now, they can go home and be reunited with them.

From The Conservative Tribune

After presumably walking or traveling thousands of miles through Mexico from their home countries in Central America, migrants who change their minds or find themselves separated from their families had no realistic option to get back home.

But that changed on Thursday after Mexican airline Volaris announced a new program that would offer migrants a flight back to their home country of Costa Rica, El Salvador or Guatemala for the low price of one dollar.

The airline claims the program, which they’re calling “Reuniting Families,” is aimed at “its commitment to keeping families together,” according to Bloomberg.

“We’re collaborating by offering an alternative solution to the migratory phenomenon,” a statement from the airline read.

And since a majority of migrants are trying to reach the United States, it has also taken a toll on U.S. Border Patrol agents and other border-based organizations who are forced to step away from their daily duties and provide resources to house, feed and process them.

President Donald Trump recently threatened the use of tariffs if Mexico didn’t take drastic action to control the situation. In a last-minute compromise, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador agreed to take action.


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