Medical Facility Attacked By Active Shooter, Multiple Casualties Reported

This past Wednesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a black male opened fire on those at a medical facility resulting in the deaths of several people and the wounding of many more.

As reported by the Tulsa Police Department, five people were killed in the incident, including the shooter, as a result of the attack on the Natalie Building on the St. Francis Hospital Campus.

A report from a local Fox News station stated that law enforcement offcials have not yet identified the suspect, but did state that he was a “Black male between 35-40 years old.”

“Officers immediately rushed to the second floor where the shooting was taking place, when they got there they found a few people had been shot, a couple were dead at that time,” stated Richard Meulenberg, the Tulsa Police Captain, to  ABC News. “We also found at that time who [we] believe and still believe to [be] the shooter.”

Law enforcement officials stated that they thought that the active shooter made use of both of the weapons that he carried into the area with him and that he ended up taking his own life as officers rushed the building he was in.

“We are doing a meticulous floor-by-floor, room-by-room search … It’s calmed down,” stated Meulenberg. “We’re trying to connect people and we’re hoping not to find any victims.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt put forth his own statement in regards to the incident, calling out the incident as a “senseless act of violence and hatred.”

“Sarah and I are praying for the families of those who lost their lives and for those who were injured,” he claimed. “I am grateful for the quick and brave actions of the Tulsa Police Department and other first responders who did their best to contain a terrible situation. I have offered Mayor G.T. Bynum any state resources that may be needed, and I ask all Oklahomans to come together in support of the Saint Francis Health System community and to grieve with those whose lives have been forever changed.”

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