Mass Shooting of Seven in Chicago is Ignored By Liberal Media…Doesn’t Fit Their Narrative

Seven people were shot in a drive-by shooting at Douglas Park in Chicago. The lamestream press didn’t cover this because they couldn’t blame it on Donald Trump or white supremacists.

In other words, it doesn’t fit their narrative. Fortunately, none of the seven died but not for the lack of trying. Chicago, Detroit and Baltimore all have a high number of people being shot but the media covers it up and their viewers and readers never know about them.

Baltimore has the second-highest murder rate in the world, just behind Guatemala.

From The Gateway Pundit

On Saturday, early Sunday there were two horrific mass shootings at an El Paso Walmart and a Dayton, Ohio club district.

At least 29 people were murdered in the two mass shootings.

There was also a mass shooting late Saturday, early Sunday morning in Chicago.

At least seven people were injured in a shooting near Douglas Park in Chicago.

The media mostly ignored this latest mass shooting for some reason?

The shots were fired from a black Camero.

Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the country.



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