Meadows Sanctioned for Sexual Harassment By Someone Else, Let’s Mad Maxine Off the Hook

If you’ve read a lot of my previous articles, you know my opinion of the House Ethics Committee and this week, you got positive proof I am right. They had three people they were checking out for ethics complaints.

Ruben Kihuen. Mark Meadows and Maxine Waters. Kihuen sexually harassed three women and was sanctioned by the HEC. Mark Meadows did not harass anyone and he was sanctioned because one of his employees did, even though the victim praised Meadows handling of the charges and said that he believed and protected her.

Maxine Waters urged supporters to assault and harass Republicans in public. She got zip.

The ethics committee has issued its final report on Kihuen, who did not seeking re-election, and who has been accused by three women of “unwanted physical and verbal advances towards them between 2013 and 2017,” according to the report.

“Specifically, the Committee found that Representative Kihuen made persistent and unwanted advances towards women who were required to interact with him as part of their professional responsibilities,” the report states.

The report says “Kihuen generally denied the allegations,” but found “each of the complainant’s allegations were supported by documentary evidence and some of the alleged incidents were corroborated by third party witnesses.”

From The Gateway Pundit

CNN got blasted for its misleading headline by Alyssa Farah, one of the female sexual harassment victims in the report.

Mark Meadows was not the sexual harasser and he actually helped protect the female victim.

ALYSSA FARAH: This headline is misleading – so let me clear it up: Meadows never sexually harassed anyone. His former staffer did. I know, I am 1 of the women in the report. I respect the Ethics Cmte but my experience was that Meadows had my back, took me at my word, & respected & protected me