Mark Meadows Refers Cohen for a Criminal Indictment For Not Registering as a Foreign Lobbyist

During the middle of Michael Cohen’s testimony, Mark Meadows referred him to the DOJ for not registering as a foreign lobbyist. Cohen tried to brush it off by saying he lobbied for private companies not foreign governments. But that was a lie.

He was hired to close a deal for Qatar to but part of a nuclear reactor in Alabama. He also committed perjury at least once when he claimed he turned down jobs working in the White House. He had lobbied for the chief of staff job and was angry when Trump didn’t offer him any job in the White House.

From The Gateway Pundit

Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) referred Michael Cohen for criminal investigation during Wednesday’s explosive Congressional hearing.

Michael Cohen, a convicted liar who was just disbarred, testified in a public Congressional hearing to the Oversight Committee on Wednesday.

Mr. Cohen continued to lie under oath on Wednesday. He has nothing to lose — he is already going to prison for 36 months for lying to Congressional investigators.

Rep. Meadows ripped into Cohen and accused him of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

Meadows accused Michael Cohen of “illegal lobbying activity” and not properly disclosing contracts with foreign companies during a heated exchange on Wednesday.

Michael Cohen defended himself by saying his contacts were only with privately owned companies, not government entities.