Mark Hamill To Boycott Georgia

Hollywood has vowed to boycott the state of Georgia again over its newly minted election integrity laws.

Due to large tax breaks given to the film industry, the state of Georgia has become a heavy filming destination in the past decade. This has prompted celebrities and Hollywood power-brokers to spend large sums of money on turning the state blue. The state proceeded to follow suit as it went to President Joe Biden in 2020 and elected two democratic Senators this past January. Most progressives thought the fight was over and won until Governor Brian Kemp signed the “Election Integrity Act of 2021” in law.

This has happened once before when Georgia ratified a law banning abortion following the detection of a fetal heartbeat. Hollywood is already pledging to boycott the state.

“I will not direct a film in Georgia,” James Mangold, the director of the movie “Logan.”

Director Rod Lurie tweeted, “I fully get your stance, James. I am facing this question myself. BUT what gives me pause is that we will be denying work to many of the people who are our allies (in this matter). In all my Georgia based productions so many of my crew and cast were African-American.”

Many people moved to and or established themselves in Georgia because of the film industry. I am not disagreeing with @mang0ld at all… I just feel for those people who, through no fault of their own, will lose work,” Lurie added.

Mangold responded to Lurie by saying, “You do what you feel is best but to me this is a classical right-wing argument against almost everything. Georgia has been using cash to steal movie jobs from other states that allow people to vote. I don’t want to play there. I’m not telling anyone else what to do.”

“I feel for them too. I am not telling anyone else what to do. I just can’t work there till this changes,”  Mangold continued.

Mangold’s call for boycott was heard and answered by “Star Wars” star Mark Hamill.

In spite of the left-wing mindset that the new Georgia election integrity laws are discriminatory against minorities, evidence suggests otherwise. as a matter of fact, many black voters seem support many of the proposed laws, like the voter ID requirement.

In addition to Hollywood, the National Black Justice Coalition(NBJC) has also issued demands that the PGA Tour strip the Agusta National Golf Club in Georgia of the annual Masters Tournament.




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