Man Who Set GOP HQ in Wyoming on Fire Sentenced to Prison

Kellen Michael Sorber, 27, was sentenced to prison for the arson fire at the GOP HQ in Laramie, Wyoming. He started the fire back on September 6th and it did thousands of dollars worth of damage. He will be serving 44 months in prison for his Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The violent left are beginning to have to pay for their violence, which is a good thing. He was probably just trying to look cool to his friends. Police found his DNA on the scene and that locked up the prosecution in this case.

The Albany County GOP couldn’t be reached for comment.

From The Daily Caller

At the scene, detectives found cinder blocks used to gain entrance, as well as a cigarette butt, both of which contained DNA evidence that linked back to Sorber, according to an article by K2 Radio.

“The arson in this case appears to have been motivated by animosity toward a political party,” said United States Attorney for the District of Wyoming, Mark A. Klaasen.

“Regardless of viewpoint or cause, such political violence is unacceptable and will not be tolerated,” said Klaassen. “We must continue to find ways to engage in healthy public discourse and debate over ideas without our differences devolving into the sort of disdain that leads to violence.”

Sorber is charged with one count of using fire to commit a felony, according to the complaint filed by federal agents.

“This senseless criminal act by Mr. Sorber caused thousands of dollars in damage to property and could have endangered the lives of other occupants of the building. I commend the excellent law enforcement investigation that led to this arrest and conviction.”

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