Mall Shooting In Denmark Leaves Many Dead Or Injured

A recent shooting at a shopping mall in Denmark has reportedly left multiple dead or injured people at an area next to a Harry Styles concert scheduled for Sunday evening.

The incident in question took place in Copenhagen at the Fields Mall and saw many law enforcement officials telling shoppers and workers alike to take shelter in place and hide as they attempted to secure the area.

“More than one person is confirmed dead, and several people are injured,” stated an announcement from law enforcement officials.

As part of a press conference, the head of the Copenhagen police operations unit, police inspector Søren Thomassen, was able to give out a bit of preliminary information.

“We know that there are several dead” and “several injured,” claimed Thomassen. “We do not have information that others are involved. This is what we know now.”

Later on, an update highlighted that one person had been taken in custody in relation to the shooting, but no information had been released about the identity of the person. Reuters went on to add that the Danish police forces had taken into custody a “22-year-old Danish man” and had still not officially ruled out the idea that the attack could be an “act of terrorism.”

The man was reportedly armed with a “hunting rifle.” as stated by a witness at the scene, later reported by BBC News.

The Fields Mall is known as the biggest shopping center in all of Denmark, reported the New York Times.

Videos have been springing up all over social media in which various shoppers can be seen fleeing from the massive shopping center.

Sophie Anderson, the Mayor of Copenhagen, issued her own short update via social media, highlighting that officials are still entirely uncertain just how many people have been left dead or injured, going on to add that the city is fully prepared to assist if the local police forces reach out for help.

The location of this horrible incident is just under a mile from the venue that was to host a concert by musical artist Harry Styles on Sunday evening. It is still not confirmed whether or not the concert will still be held as first planned.

Styles stated via Snapchat, “My team and I pray for everyone involved in the Copenhagen shopping mall shooting. I am shocked. Love H.”

This particular venue is just one of the European stops for Styles’ “Love On Tour.” Other venues were slated for Paris, Amsterdam, Munich, and Budapest.


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