Lou Dobbs: ‘I Can’t Believe the People of Utah Elected This Creep’ (Romney)

Lou Dobbs says that Mitt Romney has made himself the smallest man in the Senate. Even Ronna McDaniel, Romney’s niece blasted him for his Op-Ed. He has now alienated himself from the other Republican Senators and cannot count on their help for anything.

He is more likely to become the new Jeff Flake. He has always been a big government guy disguised as a Republican and he will end up working with Democrats more than Republicans because he does not share our ideals.

Dobbs said:

“I mean, he’s reprehensible. I can’t believe the people of Utah elected this creep.”

“Wait a minute. You mean the people of Utah didn’t know that he was anti-Trump? He didn’t run against Trump? He ran with Trump. Is that right? So he’s lied to the people of Utah.”

“He’s a fool, and he is also absolutely a treacherous fool. He’s an embarrassment to the state of Utah. That’s the way it’s going to be because he’s obviously committed to his role as the smallest man in the Senate. It’s disgusting.”

You may or may not recall that Romney did the very same thing to President Ronald Reagan. He said the Republicans had become the party of Reagan and that he could not get on board with that.

The Democrats tried to beat Trump in 2016, the very same way they beat Romney. They clubbed Romney into submission and while Obama and the Democrats attacked him, he curled up in the fetal position and allowed it to happen.

That led to his defeat. They tried that with Trump and he threw it right back in their faces. He won because the voters believed he would fight for them and he has.