Lindsey Graham Spouts Pledge To Block Dem Efforts

This past Tuesday, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) stated his clear intentions about what actions he will take if Democrats continue to attempt to put amnesty measures into any packages.

Republicans have long been talking about how Democrats may try and sneak through a set of amnesty legislation. As reported by KQED this past week, “As part of their ambitious $3.5 trillion budget plan to support families and spur job growth, top Senate Democrats included an immigration reform provision that could potentially offer a pathway to citizenship to millions of undocumented immigrants.”

In a tweet sent out concerning the reporters this past week, Senator Tim Cotton stated, “Conservatives need to focus on a critical fight that hasn’t gotten enough attention: the Democrats’ effort to stuff amnesty into a reconciliation bill.”

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On the show by Fox News “Hannity,” Graham talked about the issue of illegal immigration.

“If you have policies that incentivize illegal immigration, you’ll get more of it. If it’s policies that deter illegal immigration, you’ll get less. The dumbest idea in all of Washington would be to grant amnesty in an infrastructure bill without first securing the border,” stated Graham.

“You would have an invasion beyond what you have today. If we legalized 100,000 people or a million people in the infrastructure bill, there would be a run on our border because everybody would get the message: They’re legalizing people in America. Let’s go and let’s go now,” he continued.

“You have to secure the border before you grant one person legal status. If you don’t, you will lose control of America, of our sovereignty,” Graham stated.

“If they put amnesty into [a] $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill — that’s got nothing to do with infrastructure, it’s big government, higher taxes-— but if they put amnesty in that bill, I would try to deny them a quorum to pass that bill,” Graham noted.

“To my Republican colleagues, what are we going to do if they load up the $3.5 trillion, really $5 trillion infrastructure bill with mail-in voting and with amnesty? What is our response? If you don’t like my idea, come up with one of your own. If we don’t fight back as hard as we can, they’re destroying the Senate as I speak,” he said.

“They’re going to lead to an illegal immigrant invasion like we’ve never seen in the history of the country,” he said bringing light to his argument. “So my idea is do anything and everything possible to stop this before it happens. Let the Democrats know that if you put legalizing illegal immigrants in the reconciliation bill, then we as Republicans will use everything available to us, including denying your quorum.”


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