Legal Action Is Now Targeting The Manufacturer Of The Firearms Used In The Uvalde School Shooting

The very first lawsuit has officially been filed targeting the maker of the gun that was used in the mass shooting carried out in Uvalde at Robb Elementary School.

This legal suit targeting Daniel Defense was officially filed this past Thursday on behalf of a school staff member, Emilia Marin, as stated in a recent report that went out from NBC News.

Don Flanary, the attorney for Marin, claimed that Marin was not physically harmed in the shooting, but is having a hard time dealing with the mental stress from the event.

“She is not well psychologically. She is a wreck,” he stated. “She’s been to her doctor and she’s continuing to receive treatment. It’s going to be a long road ahead, as it is for so many other people.”

This report highlighted Marin as a staff member who had brought good up for an end-of-the-year party. She sprinted inside the school and slammed shut a side door after reportedly seeing the shooter prowling outside, but the door did not engage its automatic locks as it was supposed to.

This filing is officially a pre-suit petition instead of an outright formal lawsuit. This action is attempting to find out if the gun manufacturer themselves can be sued over how their weapons were used.

The shooting that happened on May 30th resulted in the deaths of 19 young students and two teachers at the hands of the 18-year-old shooter who had legally bought the firearms just after his 18th birthday. Additionally, there were 17 other injuries as a result of the incident.

Currently, five patients from the incident are still in the hospital, which includes one 10-year-old female student who still sits in serious condition.

The manufacturer of the AR-15 rifles reportedly used in this shooting, Daniel Defense, put forth their own statement on their website in the wake of the shooting.

“We are deeply saddened by the recent tragic events in Texas. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and community devastated by this evil act,” read the release.

As stated in the press conference from Governor Abbott, “it is our understanding that the firearm used in the attack was manufactured by Daniel Defense. We will cooperate with all federal, state, and local law enforcement authorities in their investigations,” it went on. “We will keep the families of the victims and the entire Uvalde community in our thoughts and our prayers.”

In addition to the horrid event surrounding the shooter, a massive controversy has continued as various reports have come to light talking about just how long it took law enforcement officials to respond to the incident.

“Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw told reporters that 40 minutes to an hour elapsed from when Ramos opened fire on the school security officer to when the tactical team shot him, though a department spokesman said later that they could not give a solid estimate of how long the gunman was in the school or when he was killed,” stated a report from the Associated Press on Friday.


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