Leadership Of Los Angeles County Considers Expanding Proof Of Vax Policies

As stated by a Democrat from Los Angeles, the preliminary data from New York City’s new program that forced the need for evidence of COVID-19 vaccination in order to enter certain indoor businesses “shows promising results and may build a case for implementing similar mandates in other cities.”

As reported by the outlet the Los Angeles Times, “Los Angeles County officials on Tuesday will consider drafting a proposal that would require proof of vaccination to enter certain indoor public spaces.” As stated by the news source, “Supervisor Janice Hahn, whose 4th District includes several beach cities, created the proposal to be discussed at this week’s Board of Supervisors meeting that asks staff and attorneys to draft a report in two weeks about what the county’s policy could look like.”

The motion put forth by Hahn would force the health department and multip[le other county officials to analyze “other jurisdictions that have adopted similar mandates,” making note of New York City and France. The proposal stated that they should “consider whether a mandate should require one dose of full vaccination, and whether the policy should apply to all indoor public spaces or certain non-essential businesses and events (i.e. should grocery stores be exempt).”

With a population of more than ten million residents, L.A. County is one of the most populous counties in the nation.

“Nearly 4 million people in Los Angeles County are still unvaccinated and COVID-19 continues to spread more easily in indoor spaces, crowds, and other settings where unvaccinated people are in close contact,” Hahn stated as part of the motion. “To prevent future surges and new variants from circulating, especially as we approach fall and winter, we must consider whether additional measures are necessary.”

As detailed by the L.A. Times:

Many questions remain about how a county’s indoor vaccination mandate would work.

Any ordinance approved by the Board of Supervisors would only apply to unincorporated areas. But if [L.A. Public Health Director Barbara] Ferrer issued a health order mandating that proof of vaccination was required for certain indoor places, it would apply countywide.

Leaders for the city of Los Angeles are considering a similar measure.

City Council President Nury Martinez and Councilmember Mitch O’Farrell introduced a motion last week that would require eligible individuals to demonstrate that they’ve received at least one vaccination dose to visit indoor places such as restaurants, bars, retail stores, gyms, spas, movie theaters, stadiums and concert venues.

It remains unclear how the other four county supervisors will vote on Hahn’s motion.

As reported by the City News Service, L.A. County reported 4,283 new COVID-19 infections this past Saturday, which is the highest number reported in a single day in over six months.


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