Latest Migrant Caravan Numbers Are Staggering and Alarming

The latest caravan coming our way from Guatemala is said to contain 12,000 people. Don’t look for Mexico to stop them but the people of Tijuana could make some loud noises if they end up in their city.

They went ballistic over 4,000, so 12,000 might start a war. Mexican citizens are beginning to sound like Americans, describing these caravans as invaders.

The back up in this country on asylum hearings is way out of hand and with 12,000 new applicants, it could be a long time before any of them will have their day in court and with Mexico taking in the migrants after they apply and before their court date, their resources could be stretched to the limit.

From Breitbart News

Mexican immigration officials in the city of Ciudad Hidalgo, which borders Guatemala, are establishing procedures to expedite the process in which to approve one-year humanitarian visas for members of the Central American migrant caravan who are arriving daily. The one-year humanitarian visas, promised by Mexico’s new President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is a newly adopted policy which allows migrants to legally travel and work during their stay in Mexico.

The new policy of handing out humanitarian visas began on January 17 in response to the new caravan of primarily Honduran migrants who left their home country and headed towards the Mexican border on January 15. Officials originally estimated the caravan’s size at about 2,000. Mexico now claims the caravan’s population swelled to over 12,000 migrants, according to local media and Breitbart Texas sources.

Officials put the new visa policy from President López Obrador in place to deal with caravan migrants as an attempt to prevent them from traveling unaccounted for throughout Mexico. Officials say it will also prevent the caravan members from having to illegally enter Mexico from Guatemala by crossing the Suchiate river.