Larry Elder Calls Out Biden For His Narrative Switching Between Buffalo and Uvalde

Larry Elder, a well known conservative radio talk show host, has taken a stand to highlight the insane media shift between the Buffalo shooting which resulted in the deaths of 10 people, and this recent school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which took place on Tuesday and ended with the deaths of well over 20 people with the vast majority being children.

The shooting that took place in BUffalo was allegedly committed by a reported white supremacist, while the shooting tragedy that took place in Uvalde was allegedly committed by a young male with a Hispanic last name.

“19 kids, 2 teachers have been killed in a shooting at a #Uvalde Texas elementary school. It does not appear that the dead alleged shooter/killer, (shooter’s name), was a white supremacist. Biden/media, post Buffalo, deftly switch from ‘angry white men’ to ‘easy access of guns,’” stated Elder in his tweet.

In the wake of the Buffalo shooting, a few pieces from The Washington Post were run such as: “more than from a conspiracy theory, the attack stemmed from the white supremacy that is deeply rooted in the White American political tradition.”

Also: “America has a problem with right-wing political violence. You need only look at the footage of Jan. 6, 2021, to see that. Or white-supremacist killings such as the recent shooting in Buffalo.”

The New York Times chimed in with: “A teenage gunman entranced by a white supremacist ideology known as replacement theory opened fire at a supermarket in Buffalo on Saturday.”

Additionally, Old Uncle Joe stated: “White supremacy is a poison running through our body politic and it’s been allowed to fester right in front of our eyes.”

However, those exact same outlets and people swapped their tunes quite quickly towards guns in the wake of the Uvalde shooting.

Biden exclaimed: “As a nation we have to ask: When in God’s name are we going to stand up to the gun lobby?”

“The latest in an epidemic of mass shootings in the United States renewed emotional pleas for stronger gun control,” reported The Washington Post.

“The reasons for the violence are familiar and incontrovertible. The United States has many more guns than citizens, about 400 million firearms, according to a 2018 survey conducted by the nonpartisan Small Arms Survey, and 331 million people,” stated the San Francisco Bureau Chief for The New York Times via an article entitled, “The Stupefying Tally of American Gun Violence.”

Back in 2018, Elder stated:

Lost in the current debate about gun control are three important points. First, how many lives are saved each year through the use of firearms. … The second point, often ignored, is the very purpose of the Second Amendment. It is to prevent government tyranny through the power of a citizens’ militia. … Third, many on the left want to ban the “mentally ill” from obtaining firearms. Currently firearms cannot be legally possessed by someone determined by a judge to be of danger to himself or to others. What about people who do not meet that standard?

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