LAPD Staffers Take Stand Against Vax Mandate

This past Saturday, a group of employees from the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) put forth a lawsuit at the federal level that attempted to challenge  L.A.’s requirement that all of the workers on the payroll for the city be forced to get immunized against COVID-19.

The city council for L.A. put forth their approval for the new ordinance in a 13-0 vote, and it was then signed into law by Eric Garcetti, the Democratic Mayor of the city, this past month. The new mandate puts a timer on all city employees ending in early October to get fully vaccinated, with very limited exceptions. They must show concrete evidence of their immunizations or be forced to undergo weekly testing.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times, the lawsuit was filed in the U.S. District Court in L.A. It seems to claim that “the mandate violates the employees’ constitutional rights to privacy and due process and asks the court to provide immediate and permanent relief from the requirement.”

In the lawsuit, the City of L.A., Mayor Garcetti, LAPD Chief Michel Moore, and City Administrative Officer Matthew Szabo are all slated on the document as the defendants.

The lawsuit also goes on to describe that some of the plaintiffs as works for the city “who could not assert a medical or religious exemption” to the new mandate, alongside quite a few others who “experienced and recovered” from a former COVID-19 infection and may have natural immunity.

“The city does not and cannot point to any evidence that vaccinated individuals have longer-lasting or more complete immunity than those who have recovered from COVID,” stated the complaint, as reported by City News Service. “Studies indicate that these plaintiffs’ natural antibodies and immunity are greater than their vaccinated peers.”

The employees from the LAPD that are issuing the lawsuit are Jason Burcham, Rodge Cayette, Michelle Lemons, Michael Puno, Susana Reynoso, and Ana Fuentes.

As reported by The Times:

The suit also claims the employees have been subjected to harassment and undue pressure to get vaccinated by LAPD leaders, including a captain who said during a roll call meeting that the city was willing to fire thousands of officers if they don’t get vaccinated.

It alleges that commanders have called unvaccinated officers “unfit for duty” and told them that they would be denied promotions and special assignments based on their unvaccinated status…

Nearly half of the LAPD’s 12,000-plus workforce remained unvaccinated, according to recent data — a greater percentage than in the general public. Officials have said that a portion of the unvaccinated have natural antibodies from contracting the virus previously, though medical experts still advise vaccination for those who have been infected.


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