L.A. County District Attorney Issues Odd Claim In the Face Of Escalating Violent Crime Rates

George Gascón,  the District Attorney for Los Angeles County, was brought onto a local news station, KTLA 5, this past Saturday morning in order to defend his recent statement in the face of a potential recall.

Gascón was called upon by both Mark Meester and Lynette Romero, news anchors, in order to issue a response to the many people that are calling him “soft-on-crime” as DA for L.A. as the country is seeing an almost 9% spike in violent crime over the course of this past year.

When pressed concerning if he thought L.A. county was any safer after what he had done, Gascón stated, “Yeah, in some areas it is.”

“I think it’s important to start out by saying that I was a police officer for many years before I was the district attorney. I know how to keep communities safe,” the DA continued.

Gascón continued his statements to try and blame the COVID pandemic for the spike in crime and the worsening homelessness problems throughout L.A. while stating that crime rates were spiking all over the country and not just in L.A.

“We’re coming out of the pandemic that has had a tremendous impact not only on L.A. County, but throughout the nation,” explained the D.A. “The reality is that crime is up around the nation, in fact some of our neighboring counties per capita are having higher levels of violence than we are.”

He went on to continue this campaign of defelction of criticism concerning how he was handling L.A. County, stating there is a “national problem,” and L.A. is starting to “come out of it.”

“There are a lot of things that are not working. I see them. I’m frustrated as much as the next person. It is a national problem. It’s not just an L.A. problem. But L.A. in many ways is actually beginning to come out of it,” he continued.

This notably left-of-center DA has been the target of mounting critique due to his handling of quite a few criminal cases. Just this past month, a pair of El Monte police officials in L.A. county were “essentially ambushed” and murdered by Justing William Flores, a known gang member. FLored reportedly ended up with a reduced sentence of prison time, all thanks to a recent policy from the D.A., in the wake of pleading no contest to a single charge of possessing a weapon as a felon.

One source from within the D.A.’s office stated to Fox News that if Flores would have been charged back in February of 2021, he would have ended up in prison for three years.

The current campaign to initiate a recall election for the D.A. has managed to hit the threshold of 567,000 signatures, just enough to start the recall procedures, but it is still seeking another 100,000 to 150,000 to make sure it qualifies, as the campaign expected the claim some signatures are just invalid.

July 6th is the current deadline for the signature submissions in regards to the recall.

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