Karen Monihan, Ellison’s Accuser, Says Investigation Ended Two weeks Ago

Keith Ellison claims that there is an ongoing investigation into abuse charges by Karen Monihan. But, Monahan says that the state Democratic party ended it’s investigation 2 weeks ago, exonerating Ellison. She has a 911 call, medical records, a doctor’s statements and emails, yet Ellison is innocent.

Christine Ford has absolutely nothing and she is believed. How is that for hypocrisy from the left? Now, another goldseeker is making accusations admitting that she was drunk and couldn’t remember a thing, and Democrats say she is credible, too.  I guess abusing women is a liberal privilege.

From The Daily Caller

The Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, the Minnesota arm of the Democratic Party, concluded its investigation into domestic abuse allegations against Rep. Keith Ellison two weeks ago, Karen Monahan told The Daily Caller News Foundation on Sunday.

Monahan, a Sierra Club activist and Ellison’s ex-girlfriend, accused the Minnesota Democrat of emotionally and physically abusing her during their relationship.

“I only know the MNDFL did an investigation that ended two weeks ago,” Monahan wrote in a private Twitter message to TheDCNF on Sunday.

If that claim is accurate, it raises questions about why the DFL has withheld the results of the investigation and why Ellison — the DFL nominee for attorney general — claimed Friday that the investigation was “ongoing.”

“There is an ongoing investigation, which we hope will conclude soon,” Ellison said during a debate Friday. Ellison said he did not know if the investigation would be over before the election.

Don’t you wish that Brett Kavanaugh would just get an even break? Democrats are very selective in who they vilify. Debra Katz, Christine Ford’s lawyer defended Clinton and Franken against abuse claims. And they had proof.

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