Kamala Harris Says Democrats Took ‘Great Wins’ To Try And Hide Losses

This past Wednesday, Vice President Kamala Harris tried to save face and smooth over the enormous overnight losses by the Democrats by trying to claim that they instead “had great wins” before trying to list a few wins that took place in various deep blue parts of the United States where Republicans did not have a chance or even took the time to focus on.

“I will say this: We had great wins,” Harris stated to a group of reporters. “We have Eric Adams in New York. In Ohio, we had Mrs. Brown, Shontel Brown, a great win and what I think will be a great addition to the United States Congress.”

it was reported by Fox News that Eric Adams took the slot as the next mayor of deep-blue New York City, “where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by roughly seven-to-one.” In that running, there was entirely zero doubt that the Republican challenger, Curtis Silwa, would lose to Adams, the Democrat incumbent. Adams took the place of the previous Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, who was a strong proponent of many socialist government stances in the past.

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When it comes to Ohio, Brown took a victory in a special election that took place in one of the most strongly held Democratic counties. Back in 2020, Biden took the state’s 11th Congressional district with an almost 80% majority on the vote. Brown is slated to replace Marcia Fudge who was promoted by Old Uncle Joe to the role of housing and urban development secretary.

These comments from the vice president crop up after she helped campaign for Democrat Terry Mcauliffe in the run-up to the staggering defeat they suffered on Tuesday night.

“What happens in Virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on,” stated Harris a scant few days before the election days that saw to the landslide Republican wins across all three statewide elections and almost took the win for the governorship of New Jersey which is normally unheard of. In fact, it was the first time a Republican took the win on a statewide election in Virginia since way back in 2009. A reminder that this is the state that old Uncle Joe won by 10 percentage points back in the 2020 elections.

As reported by the Daily Wire, Republican Glenn Youngkin took the win over McAuliffe, who was the previous governor of the state. To go along with this, Republican Winsome Sears is now slated to be the first black woman to serve statewide in Virginia as she managed to take the lieutenant gubernatorial election by storm. To go along with this, Republican Jason Miyares is slated to be the first Latino to take the role of attorney general.

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