Kamala Harris Admits to Smoking Pot and She Inhaled

Kamala Harris admitted during an interview that she smoked pot when she was in college. Bill Clinton said he smoked but didn’t inhale. And judging by the blue dress. Monica didn’t inhale either. Harris was trying to reach pot smokers.

She said that smoking people joy and the world needs more joy. She also talked throughout the interview about police brutality. And of course, she talked about Medicare for all, Green New Deal and racism. Harris is for some for of reparations for slavery.

That will not end inequality. From the time I was a small boy, my mother used to say that if you gave everyone the same amount of money, the rich would get rich again and the poor would remain there.

From The Daily Caller

I have and I inhaled, I did inhale,” the California senator said when she was asked if she had ever smoked. “It was a long time ago, but yes. I just broke news.”

“Listen, I think that it gives more people joy,” Harris added. “We need more joy.” (RELATED: Kamala Harris Made Her First Campaign Speech All About Race)

Harris announced on Martin Luther King Jr. Day that she is officially throwing her hat into the ring and seeking the Democratic nomination for the presidency in 2020.

During her campaign kick off event, Harris spoke about various issues such as Medicare for all, universal pre-K and climate change, however, racism and police brutality was a theme thread throughout the more than 35 minute campaign speech.

Leading up to her presidential announcement, the first-term senator had been actively elevating her national profile. Harris spent more money on Facebook ads during the summer than any other senator despite not being up for re-election in November 2018, according to The San Francisco Chronicle.

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