Judge Rules Google Bias Lawsuit By Conservatives Will Go To Court

It all began when Google fired James Damore when he rejected their liberal ideology and soon more and more conservative employees started speaking out about the overwhelming bias at Google and finally, it culminated in a class action suit.

Google asked a judge in California to toss the suit out, but the judge refused and now the case will go to the discovery phase, which Google wanted to avoid at all cost. Already internal memos have been leaked that demonstrate the extreme bias at Google.

Now, they will have to turn over even more memos and employee files and of course depositions.

From Breitbart News

Google must face a class-action lawsuit brought by Republican attorney Harmeet K. Dhillon on behalf of the tech giant’s conservative employees, according to a California court.

Current and former Google employees say in a lawsuit that the company discriminates against non-progressives on the basis of their viewpoint, and against whites, Asians, and males on the basis of sex and race.

Google attempted to have the case dismissed. But a judge in California, where political discrimination is illegal, ruled against the company.

The case will now move to a legal process known as discovery — meaning that Google must provide Dhillon and other attorneys working on the case access to its internal documents.

This is potentially a huge problem for the tech giant, as previous leaks of internal documents and video have repeatedly exposed the company’s extreme political bias.

The case was sparked by the firing of James Damore in 2017 after he wrote an internal memo — subsequently leaked to the press by leftists within the company — calling for more political diversity at the company.

After Damore initiated legal proceedings, other former Google employees joined the class-action lawsuit. Damore has since exited the case and entered arbitration, but the case will still proceed on behalf of the other plaintiffs.