Judge Napolitano Expects Donald Trump Jr to be Indicted Soon

Judge Andrew Napolitano told SiriusXM’s “The Dan Abrams Show that he expects Don Jr to be indicted by Robert Mueller over the Trump Tower meeting. What he didn’t say was for what crime.

The meeting itself is legal by law. At the time of the discovery of the meeting, Jr turned over all documents requested, talked to Congress and Mueller and answered every question asked of him.

He cooperated in every way that was asked of him. Napolitano, who has recently been dumping on the president failed to explain why he believes as he does, but he does claim that Trump Jr told close friends of his he expects to be indicted. I have a hard time believing that Jr’s friends would speak to the press about things told to them in private.

Usually there is a crime behind an indictment, however, since Mueller is behind the investigation and Weissmann is his right-hand man, that may not be true in this case.

From The Washington Times

The senior judicial analyst at Fox News said Wednesday that he expects Donald Trump Jr. to be indicted — and said the presidential son does, too.

In an interview Wednesday on SiriusXM’s “The Dan Abrams Show,” Mr. Napolitano based his speculation on special counsel Robert Mueller’s recommendation that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn serve no jail time in light of the “substantial assistance” he had given the probe.

When Mr. Abrams suggested that means Mr. Mueller expects to bring charges against someone in President Trump’s inner circle, Mr. Napolitano replied, “yes.”

According to a report last month in Vanity Fair, the younger Mr. Trump has speculated that an indictment could come over what he told the FBI and Congress about a June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower with several Russians.

I’d be rather hesitant to believe anything I read in Vanity Fair.