Judge Allows Libel Suit Against NPR to Continue

A federal judge has decided to allow a libel lawsuit to continue against NPR. The good news is NPR could have to pay through the nose, but the bad news is they will find some way for the taxpayers to foot the bill.

The lawsuit involves the hacked DNC servers. The FBI and Mueller insisted that Russia was involved in the hacks even though neither had a shred of evidence to back up their assertions.

Ed Butowsky claimed that Fox News reporter Ellen Rattner told him that in her interview with Julian Assange, he insisted that no Russian gave Wikileaks the emails and that it was an inside job.

NPR did an article in which the author called the report fake news and lies. NPR said that it was an opinion piece but the judge said the article stated facts and did not represent it’s writing as opinions only.

Far left Politico reported

NPR argued that many of the claims in its reports, like assertions that Fox’s reporting on the Rich murder was “baseless” and “fake news,” amounted to opinion and not the kind of factual claims that can be the basis for a libel suit.

But Mazzant disagreed.

“The statements made by Folkenflik were made as verifiable statements of fact,” the judge wrote. “The statements at issue were not merely expressing a subjective view. Looking at the context of the verifiable facts, nothing shows the statements expressed Folkenflik’s opinion or merely offer Folkenflik’s personal perspective on disputed facts.”

NPR claimed that FOX News reports on the Seth Rich murder were ‘fake news’, but it now looks like they were the ones pushing ‘fake news’.

Sean Hannity reported and has not retracted his statements about Seth Rich which were in agreement with Butowsky’s claims –

Fox News prime-time host Sean Hannity publicly declared that he was not retracting his statements about Rich’s murder, including unproven claims that Rich might have been killed because of some role in leaking Democratic National Committee emails that U.S. officials say Russia hacked into and handed off to WikiLeaks.