Joy Reid Tries To Compare Conservatives To Al-Qaida

Joy Reid, a host with MSNBC, issued statements that attempted to compare conservatives to terrorists via Twitter thread, claiming that they took advantage of the liberals’ failure to show up for the smaller interim elections and tried to argue that “Republicans vote the way Al-Qaida fights.”

Reid put forth the argument in another post that Republicans were trying to move the United States in a direction that led to a dystopian future in which everything was controlled by white men, and she finished her rant by stating, “Fascist America is not gonna be a great place to live, folks, at least not for women and people of color. It can still be prevented, but y’all have got to wake up. And yeah, Democrats are largely uninspiring and terrible fighters. But they’re all that stands between us and them.”

“Show me where Dems are standing between us and them, Joy,” shot back @Its_Miss_Riss. “Show me where they’ve stopped the GOP states from passing literally 100s of bills shattering trans and gay rights, women’s rights, voting rights, election laws, … Biden literally called the GOP good people TODAY.”

Reid issued her response in yet another thread, making the argument that Democrats were losing in various local elections. These losses were not due to the candidates themselves being weak or their policies were not popular, but that their voters just refused to hit the polls.

“Democrats are in super minorities in these state legislatures where this stuff is passing precisely because their younger, multiracial base largely sits out midterm and state elections while Republicans, who are overwhelmingly white, rural and far right Christian vote every time,” whined Reid.

She then went on to state that Republicans were just more willing to play a long game plan when it came to politics, where Democrats tend to give up and whine if they did not immediately and overwhelmingly win in an area.

“Republicans vote like al-Qaida fights: with a patient, long-term goal of seizing power and forcing the libertine culture to heel under the boot; no matter how many elections it takes. Many Democrats get frustrated after every setback and give up on voting without much of a fight,” she claimed.

Reid then refocused her complaining on voter integrity measures that have gone into effect in quite a few states, which many argue do not make it more difficult to vote at all but instead make it harder to cheat, and seemed to suggest that they were intended to suppress votes by making people feel as though their vote did not matter.

“That’s why those anti-voting laws work. They’re designed to frustrate voters out of even trying to participate. And the constant bizarre propaganda from the Republican right serves the same purpose: convincing people that there’s no point to politics. It’s all memes and theater,” she claimed.

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