Joy Reid Has Yet Another Meltdown This Time Over The Whitmer Kidnapping Trial

This past Friday, Joe Reid, an extreme leftists host for MSNBC, had a meltdown via Twitter over the jury in Michigan that did not end up convicting a group of four men for allegedly conspiring to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D).

This time, just like she does every time she has a hot take on a subject, solely focused on the political leanings and race of the accused men, throwing out the argument that they were not convicted solely because they are “white, right wing extremist[s].”

“Unreal…so in America in the year of our Lord 2022, you can plot to kidnap a Democratic woman governor to stage a show trial and hurt her or worse, because you don’t like COVID restrictions and walk, as long as you’re a white, right wing extremist. Holy jury nullification, Batman,” claimed the MSNBC host via a tweet on Friday as a response to a recent report from Ken Dilanian, a News Correspondent for NBC, who stated that there were “zero guilty verdicts in the case of the alleged plot to kidnap Michigan governor.”

As recently reported by The Daily Wire, the jury ended up with a partial verdict about the trial that started back in March, issuing the acquittal of Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta of a charge of conspiracy to kidnap the governor. Thusly, Harris and Caserta are now freely walking back into society. The other pair of men on trial, Adam Fox and Barry Croft, were similarly not convicted of the conspiracy charges, but quite a few think that they will be retired over the subject as it was only labeled as a partial verdict.

Throughout the trial, Nils Kessler, the Assistant U.S. Attorney, put forth the argument, “In America, there’s a lot of things you can do. You can criticize the government publicly, absolutely. If you don’t like the government’s policies, you can protest them. If you don’t like elected leaders, you can vote them out at the ballot box. What you can’t do is kidnap them, kill them, or blow them up.”

Despite this, the jury was not able to come to a unanimous conclusion that stated that the four men wanted to commit any of the crimes they were alleged to be conspiring.

The recently acquitted defendants, along with their families, were joyous about the verdict from the jury this past Friday, which just so happened to also be Caserta’s birthday. “Best birthday ever,” he exclaimed. Harris’ father also stated after the verdict, “We are so elated! Unbelievable amount of people praying through this whole ordeal. God is so good!”

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