John Kirby Responds To Claims That Biden May Have Been Infected With COVID On Purpose

John Kirby, the National Security Council Coordinator, has issued statements writing off all of the suggestions that someone in Saudi Arabia would have tried to intentionally infect Old Uncle Joe with COVID —  which he recently contracted in the wake of coming back to the White House from his trip out to the Middle East.

Steven Nelson, a reporter for the New York Post, posed the question to Kirby as part of a briefing held on Wednesday, highlighting that the president had started to express symptoms of the virus just a scant few days after returning from his trip, in which he first met with Israeli officials and then with quite a few other officials within Saudi Arabia.

“President Biden may have begun to have symptoms about four days after returning from Saudi Arabia,” stated another reporter. “Has the U.S. government ruled out the possibility that the Saudi government may have deliberately exposed the president to the coronavirus?”

“I think I should refer to Karine on that question, in terms of talking about the president’s medical condition, that’s out of my scope,” answered Kirby, seeming to point to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre.

“But — but — but — I — I don’t know where this idea is coming from,” Kirby stated. “I don’t know what prompted you to ask it that way. But the idea that a foreign nation state would deliberately try to infect the President of the United States with a virus is just ludicrous. Just absolutely ludicrous, there’s nothing to it and it should be treated as the ridiculous idea that it is.”

Joey Jones, a retired Marine Corps bomb tech and Fox News regular, was not quite sure he actually believed these comments coming from Kirby, however. “No way the country that aided the 9/11 hijackers could’ve done such a thing … just no way!”

Another Marine vet seemed to agree with Jones’ sentiment.

Sophia Nelson, another journalist and author, highlighted the horrid murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi back in 2018 — highlighting that until that took place and various United States intelligence sources revealed that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has most likely sent the order for the murder, people might have thought something like that could actually be ludicrous as well.

“Hmmmmm so is the idea that they would use a bone saw to dismember a US journalist. Just sayin,” stated Nelson in a post to social media.


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