John Brennan Claims He Plans to Take Legal Action to Get His Clearance Back

John Brennan threatens to sue President Trump to get his security clearance back.  I assure you, this is a bluff. The last thing he wants is to have to undergo discovery, where Trump’s legal team can require him to answer questions about his crimes while at the CIA and since. That includes perjury at least twice to Congress. He also won’t want to go to court, because he would have to testify in order to have a ghost of a chance to win and the first time he takes the Fifth, he becomes toast.

But, beyond that, Brennan is hyper-political and has been insisting that Trump colluded with the Russians despite absolutely no proof. Even Democrats such as Diane Feinstein and Mark Warner have said they have seen no proof of it. Brennan would then have to explain how he came to that conclusion. That would be embarrassing at best. And criminal at best. The fact that he leaked classified information in the past is enough to revoke his security clearance.

From The Daily Caller

Former CIA Director John Brennan told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Friday night that he is considering legal avenues in response to the president’s revocation of his security clearance.

“I think that’s why there’s been such an outcry from many intelligence professions, not to support me, but to support the principle that security clearances are something that’s very solemn and serious and should never ever be used for political purposes,” the former director began.

“As you can imagine, a number of lawyers have reached out to say there is a very strong case here, not so much to reclaim mine but to prevent this from happening in the future. And so, I am thinking about what it is that I might want to do,” Brennan stated.

Political purposes? You mean like going on national tv and declaring that President Trump colluded with Russia even though there is no evidence of that and relying on your security clearance to give your words gravitas?

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