Joe Rogan Steps Up To Offer Elon Musk Training For His Putin Fight

Just last week, famous podcast host Joe Rogan stated that he put out the offer to train Elon Musk, the SpaceX and Tesla CEO, for his fight with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As someone who holds black belts in two separate schools of Jui-Jitsu and one in taekwondo, Rogan stated to Monty Franklin, an Australian comedian, that he had already reached out to Musk shortly after reading the tweet where he challenged Putin to a one-on-one fight for Ukraine.

“Elon Musk wants — he wants to fight Putin. Have you seen that?” Rogan questioned. “I offered my services. I texted him. I said, ‘Dude I will arrange all of your training.’ ‘If you really do fight Putin,’ I said, ‘I will arrange all your training. It would be so f***ing epic.”

Franklin then asked if Rogan even knew what type of fight Musk meant: “Are they fighting full martial arts, or doing boxing, or?”

“I would say martial arts. You’d have to do martial arts,” replied Rogan simply. “You’d have to, like, an MMA fight. It’s 2022. Y’know, f*** the boxing.”

Musk recently tweeted out an open challenge to the Russian dictator-president back on the 14th of March, stating, “I hereby challenge Vladimir Putin to single combat. Stakes are Ukraine. Do you agree to this fight?”

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, was johnny on the spot with a comment that stated that he would love to see Musk win that fight, but worried about the ability of the Tesla CEO to follow through with his callout.

“Brother, I wish for you to win of course, but the reality is I haven’t seen your kong fu video,” he stated in a tweet.

Musk then responded with a picture of himself fighting a sumo wrestler with the comment, “Managed to throw him, but it cost me smashing my c5-c6 disc & 8 years of mega back pain! Finally, fixed with c5-c6 disc fusion.”

Rogan spoke about Musk’s fight with the sumo wrestler and the injury he got as a result. “According to him, he had some match with a world champion sumo wrestler back in the day for fun, and he f***ed his neck up, like, throwing this guy outside of the ring. But he actually defeated some world champion sumo wrestler,” he claimed.

“If anybody else who’s a billionaire told me that I would be like ‘f*** you – shut up’. But he’s not a liar,” Rogan went on. “He’s so f***ing smart, he might be able to figure out how to do it.”

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