Jesse Watters Forces Juan Williams To ‘Give Up’ When He Surprises Him With This

Jesse Waters forced The Five co-host, liberal Juan Williams to give up when he produced a treaty signed by Bill Clinton with the Ukraine over  mutual legal assistance and criminal matters.

Under that Treat, President Trump had every right to ask the Ukrainians to investigate Hunter Biden. Dana Perino then asked if the same would apply to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in 2016. Waters pointed out that was not a criminal investigation but was a counterintelligence investigation not covered by the treaty.

When Waters produced a copy of the treaty to Williams who is pro-impeachment, Williams mockingly surrendered.

From The Daily Caller

Fox News host Jesse Watters forced “The Five” co-host Juan Williams to mockingly “give up” on Thursday when he pulled out a copy of a United States treaty with Ukraine for “Mutual Legal Assistance.”

The panel was discussing the impending impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump’s telephoned request to the president of Ukraine to look into Hunter Biden’s possible criminal activities. Bringing out a copy of the treaty on air, Watters made the point that Trump has “firm legal underpinning” to ask Ukraine to inquire about a possible criminal matter.

“Before we talk about that Juan, I brought something for you,” said Watters.

“Oh, please,” Williams mocked.

“I have found, from 1999 to 2000, a treaty with Ukraine signed by Bill Clinton … on mutual legal assistance and criminal matters, which basically establishes a range of cooperation between the two governments of Ukraine and the United States about making testimony available, making people available, making documents and records available and assisting in the cooperation of mutual criminal matters,” Watters said before making the point that if Biden is somehow immune, anyone could be immune by simply saying they are running for office.